A Letter From Your Publisher: North GA Weather & Protecting Your Pets

By Lynne Westbrook January 12, 2017
We have quite a few pets- some might say too many, but many of our pets adopted us up here in the North GA Mountains.  We joke that we have a sign (invisible to humans but visible to all animals) that says "there is room in the inn". The sad reality, though, is that many people just drop off their pets up here after they are "done with them" or no longer see the benefit in having them around.  Some people move and leave them, some don't wish to have the responsiblity of caring for an elderly pet anymore, and some just decide a pet (or that pet) is not for them.  

Currently we have 3 rescue dogs and one rescue cat.  One dog we adopted and two just showed up at our house and waited us out until we gave into those big brown eyes.  The cat, Ollie, was 7 years old when we adopted him and had little chance of a new home, but when we brought him home 3 years ago- he has not missed a morning coming and head butt/kissing us each and every morning.  He has never scratched or hissed at us and never had an accident in the house.  RESCUE PETS ARE THE BEST!!! They seem to have a sense of where they came from and appreciate this new home they have been given. 

This winter please watch out for homeless pets and take the time to adopt them, feed them, or get them to a shelter.  Most pets can not endure dropping temps.  Sure dogs in the wild have dens and a pack to keep them warm, but domesticated dogs and dogs not in a pack setting, don't have that protection.  Open your heart to them and you will realize that many times they save us, rather than the other way around. 

Please support local efforts to protect these animals through:
Pickens Animal Rescue
Pickens County Animal Shelter
Smithgall Woods Animal Shelter (Cleveland)
Dawson County Animal Shelter
Gilmer County Animal Shelter
Humane Society of Blue Ridge Georgia
TLC Humane Society (Dahlonega)
Mountain Shelter (Blairsville)

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